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Tiruvalam-Sri Vilvanadhar Sametha Dhanur Madhyambikai Temple–A padal Petra sthalam

This is the tenth Padal petra sthalam in the Thondamandalam region.The thondamandalam extended from Hosur to Chitturu and was ruled by Vandiyadevan  Vallavarayan This character immortalised by Kalki in Ponniyin selvan had me hooked. This temple is his kula deivam.this automatically dated the temple to before the Big temple.
How to Reach:
  The temple is about 120 kms away from Chennai near Ranipet on NH4. I took the NH4 and after crossing the wallajah Toll booth took a right towards wallajahbad, Ranipet and after crossing the BHEL township reached tiruvalam. There are two bridges take the left one the old bridge. The temple is at the end of the bridge on the left side–
The Temple can be reached from Vellore via Katpadi Ranipet  road and the temple is at the end of the road as it reaches Ranipet.
The Legends and Stories:
This is the temple that witnessed the competition between Vinayaka and Kumaran when Narada gave the mango to Vinayaka who did pradakshina of his parents.There is a Vinayakar sannidhi with the mango in his trunk here.
An asura called Kanjan who lived in Kanjanagiri nearby refused to allow water for puja to be brought here. Hence Nandi was deputed by Shiva to slay the asura.Nandi tore him to many pieces and all the places where his parts fell are all in existence today like narasimhapuram, Melpadi etc.The lord called the river as ne vaa and the river came closer. Hence the name of the river Nee vaa.Nandi is also facing away from the lord .This story is carved on one of the pillars IMG_0053IMG_0054IMG_0056
Sri La Sri Sivanandha Mouna Swamigal a revered soul here was responsible for reconstruction of this temple. He spent his entire wealth and efforts to this end. He used to cure people with vilvam and vibhuti.He also built the Sudhai nandi and various stars images on the main gopuramIMG_0014IMG_0015IMG_0023
The temple has lot of Tamil inscriptions  Kopparakesari Rajendra Chola, Korajakesarivarman Raja mahendran, Kulothungan, Third Kulothungan, Chola Bhupan's son Veerasamban and many other king’s inscriptions are found. These inscriptions mainly speak about the building of mandapams, donations of land, cattle, etc.,
Even before the entrance to the gopuram there is a Balaganapathy sannidhi
The  temple has two entrance Gopurams on the north side. The space between the two gopurams has the Gowri theertham on the right sideIMG_0071IMG_0072
The left side has the sannidhi of Theekali Amman who was pacified by Adishankara to a shanta swaroopamIMG_0067IMG_0066
The entrance to the second gopuram has exquisitely carved water bowls with minute figuresIMG_0068
IMG_0063The inner Gopuram leads to the main temple complex with the Sivan complex and ambal complex all facing east. The entrance on the north side through which we enter has the temple for Kani vangiya ganapathy with the mango in his trunkIMG_0017

The main sannidhi has a Shivalingam facing east. The Nandi at three stages is facing away from the lord. There is a sivan sannidhi inside with nandi and ganapathy which is under clear water –Jalakanteswarar.
There are many old trees in the temple with Vilvam being the sthala vruksham.There is a multi pillared mandapam with sannidhis for 1008lingam and meenakshi sundareshwararIMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0021IMG_0024IMG_0025IMG_0026
The Ambal sannidhi of Dhanur madhyambal is a seperate enclosureIMG_0039

The statue has a bow shaped waist with bending delicately hence the name.
The vimanam has the statues for various nakshatra devathas which is very uniqueIMG_0045IMG_0046
The Eastern side has a statue of Nandi and Kodimaram. In between is an adhigara Nandi facing the lordIMG_0009IMG_0011IMG_0015
The temple has been sung about by the four saivants. Thirugnanasambandar in the 7 century has talked about cure for fever and chills IMG_0016
There are exquisite sculptures seen with multiple animals in one fresco
IMG_0060Three monkeys above and below is Bull and elephant
The Go shala with in the temple
The daily pujas are very popular. The Shivachariar said that the nightly procession of the lord to his bed chamber must be seen by newly weds for a happy and prosperous wedded life and beget good progeny.
Contact: Sri  Umapathy sivachariar 04162236088/ 09894922166