Thursday, August 14, 2014

Avinashiappar sametha Karunambikai temple at Avinashi A padal petra sthalam

In Kongu nadu there are 10 padal petra sthalams and this is the first of these temples.The temple was under ASI control and in the 1950’s was handed over to the HR and CE department.It is spread over 2.5acres.
How to Reach:
Avinashi is about 40 kms from Coimbatore towards Salem just after Tiruppur. You have to enter the town and the middle of the town has the temple.IMG_0001
Legends and Stories of the temple:
The Shiva here is Avinashi indestructible so prayers for longevity are done here   Brahma,Airavatha and Parvathi have done penance and received boons here
The Mysore Wodeyars have a tradition of travelling to Kasi and bringing a Lingam from there installing it here and worshipping before their coronation.
The ambal is Karunambikai  the compassionate one. Prayers to her will prevent ill effects of poisoning and sleep problems. There is a scorpion carved behind her Sannidhi help ward off the ill effects of the poison.
Sundarar the saint was once here and he found a family lamenting the death of a child few years ago in the pond. He prayed to the lord and performed a miracle of bringing the boy to life again from the crocodiles mouth with prayers to Avinashi appan. The thread ceremony was done here hence it is an auspicious place for the thread ceremony here. ( I visited the place on upakarma day 2014)
There are wonderful contributions from Cholas, Hoysalas and the wodeyars.
The well here is supposedly ganga from Kashi.
As you enter you see the kodimaram with beautiful carvingsIMG_0002
The re are two main sannidhis with gopurams. The ambal complex is seen on the right of the main temple.
The kodimaram   has  wonderful sculptures showing sundarar’s miracleIMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0007
There is a Ganapathy on the eastern sideIMG_0004
The shivan temple has a seperate rajagopuram and two praharams.The outer praharam has the Ambal temple facing west. The Navagrahas and the Well are in the outer praharam with the many lingams installed by the Mysore royals.

The   Sthala vruksham is the Padiri tree which flowers only during the KumbabishekamIMG_0011
The Murugan sannidhi is next to this tree and Arunagiri nathar has had a vision of Lord muruga here.
The main Shivalingam is having a serpent covering it. It is a swayumbhu lingam and is about 2 feet tall.
The Koshta vigrahas are Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy, Shiva durga and Brahma.The Kalabhairavar is inside the first praharam and is usually prayed to for success in litigations.He prefers a Vada malai here.
The ambal sannidhi is in the first praharam and the ambal is facing west.There is a rajagopuram for this temple.The main idol is about 3 feet and very serene.
The back side of the temple has the scorpion carvedIMG_0008