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Kurangu Anil Muttam A Padal petra sthalam near Kanchipuram

This  is one of the temples which has been referred to by Kanchi Mahaperiyava in his Deivathin kural when some monkeys came to his camp and took away the plantains.

How to Reach
The place is about 10-15 kms from Kanchi on the Kanchi Vandavasi road. Travelling from Kanchi you will reach a village called Dusi. Turn left into Dusi and proceed for about 2 kms inside via small village roads and the locals will guide you to the temple. The temple is in front of a pond which was dug by Yama as a crow called Yamatheertham.This is sadly dry and in need of help.IMG_0001
Legends and stories of the temple:
The place is famous for the fact that Vali ( as a monkey), Indra (as a squirrel-anil) and Yama (as a crow- muttam) came here to pray to Shiva for redemption of their sins at the same time. Hence Kurangu anil muttam
The lord id a swayumbhu called Vaalesshwarar. Sri Gnanasambhandar has sung about this lord in his thevaram
In the month of Chittirai the sun shines on the lord. It is a surya kshetram and good for praying to be rid of eye ailments
The Sthala vriksham is the Elandhai  tree and the fruits are given with garlic and pepper as a prasadam for infertility to tone up the uterus

As you enter you see the nandi mandap with the balipeetam, The door way has the sculptures of Brahma, Indra, Vaali, Yama worshipping the lingam. IMG_0006 IMG_0007

The temple is west facing and hence the ambal sannidhi is on the left facing south as you enter. The Shivalingam is a swayumbhu lingam with the avudiar facing our left. He is also known as Koyya malar nathar one who is worshipped with flowers untouched by the hand. It seems vaali shook the ilandhai tree and caused the flowers to drop on the lord as he did not want to defile the flowers by
touching them before offering it to the lord. Such was his bhakthi
The ambal Irayarvalai Ammai is atanding about 3 feet high facing south in her own sannidhi on the left as you enter the main temple
The kosta vigrahas are also reversed so we have durgaIMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0013
There are other vigrahas in the praharam like Kasi vishwanathar with Visalakshi, IMG_0009
Saptha mathas
The temple history with the priests contact numberIMG_0015
The outer court yard is well laid out and the trees abound with fruits and weaver bird nests!!
Elandhai maram IMG_0016 IMG_0018 IMG_0021IMG_0020
A bird peeping out of its nest!!
The Pond Yama theerthamIMG_0024 IMG_0023
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