Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sri Thalapureeshwarar ,Sri Krupapureeshwarar temple Thirupanangaadu-A padal petra sthalam

This temple is the third Padal petra sthalam south of Kanchi on the Vandavasi road.It was built by Agasthya and his sishya Pulasthya so we have two sannidhis two garbagruhas and two Ambal sannidhis both Gajaprushti vimanas and swayumbhu lingams.
How to Reach:
On the Kanchi Vandavasi road after about 2 kms there is a right turning to Meenakshi engineering college. Take this road for about 5 kms and you will come to the college In front of the college there is a right turn for about 2-3 kms and you will reach the temple IMG_0061 IMG_0063

The temple is associated with Agasthiyar Pulasthiyar and Sundara. Sri Sundarar was once travelling here and being hungry and lost prayed to the lord who guided him here and fed him theertham from the pond called Sundara thertham, The saint then sang about the kindness of the lord
There are two Nandis, two Kodimarams and two sannidhis   IMG_0066 IMG_0064

The sannidhi on our right is the Krupapureeshwarar  installed by Pulasthiyar and on the right the Thalapureeshwarar of agasthya . The dwarapalakas are on Lotuses with nagabharanaIMG_0069   IMG_0070
The koshta vigrahas are shared by both the temples Ganesha Lingodhbhavar on the thalapureeshwarar and vishnu on the Krupapurteeshwarar IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0078IMG_0073 IMG_0074
IMG_0075 IMG_0076
The ambal sannidhis are side by side with Amrithavalli on our left and Kripanayaki on our right. Both are standing about 3 feet tall IMG_0082 IMG_0081
There is a spacious outer walking courtyard with sthalavruksham the palm tree IMG_0091
A few pillars on the ground with the Sundara theertham
 IMG_0101  IMG_0098 IMG_0097
There is a muneeshwarar temple to be visited first before visiting this templeIMG_0062