Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thiruvettipuram Vedapureeshwarar temple near Cheyyar- A padal petra sthalam

The next temple I visited today morning was this ancient temple which is revered for the miracle performed by Sri Gnanasambandhar where he made a barren Palmyra tree bear fruits with his prayers miraculously . It is most sought after by devotees anxious to bear children.
How to Reach:
The temple is inside the town of Cheyyar which is a district headquarters between Kanchi and Vandavasi. The suburb of Cheyyar where the temple is called Thiruvettipuram The temple is very close to the highway and easily found IMG_0058
The gopuram shows the legend of the temple of Palmyra tree bearing fruit
Legends and Stories of the temple:
The temple was where Shiva preached Vedas to the Devas hence the name Vedapureeshwarar and the place was called Thiru vedapuram or Thiru odhu puram in Tamil now corrupted to thiruvettipuram.
The miracle of Gnanasambhandar helped convert many Jains into Hinduism . This also made the place famous to beget progeny.
There are separate sannidhis for the pancha bhoota sthalams of Shiva like Chidambaram, Thiruvanaikal, Thiruvannamalai, so we get the benefit of praying at all these places here itself.
There is a rare Nagalingam idol here which is also prayed to for begetting progeny and also during Rahukalam pooja prayers here will be answered.
The outer praharam has the nandi and Kodimaram. The nandi is facing outside toward the main entranceIMG_0057 IMG_0028
The temple pond in the outer praharam
The next inner praharam houses the main sannidhi, Ambal sannidhi and the pancha bhoota lingam sannidhis. There is a corner where The miracle of Gnanasambandhar is shownIMG_0033
The entrance to the main praharam is flanked by Narthana ganapathy , Murugan and The nagalingamIMG_0053  IMG_0052  IMG_0050IMG_0051
The  praharam and Various shrines with sthalavruksham are seen belowIMG_0034  IMG_0037 IMG_0047IMG_0041  IMG_0043 IMG_0044  IMG_0046
The inner praharam houses the sannidhis of the lord and Ambal,
The Shivan sannidhi has to be entered through two main halls with various inscriptions. The third hall is the Garba gruha with a majestic rough surfaced Shiva lingam facing east
The koshta vigrahas here are the usual Narthana ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy,Mahavishnu ,Brahma and Durga
The Ambal Balagujambikai is about 3 feet tall and standing in her seperate sannidhi with her own Koshta vigrahas ganapathy here is a rarity.
The navagraha sannidhi is in front of the nagalingam. During Saturdays and Rahukalam there are special poojas for these lords.