Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ettukudi Murugan temple

Ettukudi is a small temple village between Thiruthuraipoondi and Tiruvarur.This temple is part of the triology of murugan temples with same sculptor carving the three vigrahams in Sikkil, Ettukudi and engan.
How to reach:
The temple can be reached from either tiruvarur,Nagapattinam or thiruthiraipoondi
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Legends of the temple:
The three murugan idols of sikkil,,Engan and Ettukudi are exquisite and carved by the same shilpi. When he carved the idol with every detail of the 6 faces of the lord with separate ear ring holes, fingers and toes with nails 12  hands  with separate weapons and  balanced on the single leg of the peacock with space below the claw  the king wanted to prevent any other replica so he obtained the thumbs of the shilpi as a guarantee. Even with this lack of thumbs the shilpi sculpted a replica at Ettukudi (here apparently the peacock came alive hence the shilpi gave it another leg to root it firmly to the ground) for this the king removed the eyes of the sculptor. The Sculptor was directed by a divine voice to sculpt a more detailed singaravelan at Engan when he received both his thumbs and vision.
The temple has a huge pond in front welcoming you east facing with a small gopuram.IMG_0032
The eastern gopuram leads to an outer praharam IMG_0031
The main sanctum of Singaravelan is seen in the middle as seen above. The lors Muruga appears to devotees as they like  as a child with love,as a warrior instilling confidence in the mind.

To the right of this sannidhi is the Shivan sannidhi. Lord Soundarya nayakar and Anandavalli grace the devotees here. There are sannidhis for Narthana Vinayakar Suradevar, Srinivasa Soundararaja Perumal, Anjaneya, Manonmani Ammai, Ayappan, Mahalakshmi, Navagrahas,Bhairavar. and Sanishwara also here

It is a small temple in a peaceful  area
For more details of this temple follow the temple website
Click here for Official temple website

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