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Thirukuvalai Brahmapureeshwarar temple a saptha vidangam at Thirukallili near Tiruvarur

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Location and How to reach:
Thirukuvalur is located about 20 kms from Nagapattinam on the Tiruthuraipoondi lroad, It is approx.2 kms after the Ettukudi Murugan temple(Click here to see my blog on this temple Ettukudi Murugan) and 4 kms away from the Thiruvaimur sapthavidangam temple It can also be reached via the Tiruvarur to Thiruthiraipoondi road at about the 20 t km take a left at Thirukaravasal and this temple is about 5 kms after Thirukkaravasal temple before  ettukudiimage
Legend of the temple:
Bheema prayed here to rid himself of the curse of killing Bakasura. The navagraha doshas are nullified here as they stand in line here hence the place is called KOL IL =without bad dosha
Sundara Murthi Nayanar was feeding Shiva Devotees at Thiruvarur for which he used to pray to the Lord to give him Paddy/Gold so that it could be possible for him to carry out the Holy Task. During his visit to Thirukkuvalai, Sundarar prayed the Lord to show way for this noble cause. There was another devotee called Kundaiyur Kizhar,residing at Kundaiyur, about a km away from Thirukkuvalai, . Shiva appeared in his dream and told him that he was blessing him with a mountain size of paddy to be handed over to Sundarar. On hearing this, Sundarar was delighted and wondered how it could be shifted to Thiruvarur. He sang a "Padhigam" in which he prayed the Lord to arrange for the shipment of paddy to Thiruvarur. As a Miracle, the Bootha Ganas shifted the entire paddy overnight and laid them in front of each house at Thiruvarur.IMG_0035.
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                                                                                                                                  It is the saptha vidangam with the lord called as Avani Vidangar and Bringi Natanam being famous here.IMG_0034
The inner sanctum seen above houses both the Thyagaraja and the Brahmapureeshwarar sannidhis side by side.The main Brahmapureeshwarar is made of Ant hill sand hence always covered by a Copper cap hence known as Thiru kuvalai
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The outer praharam has many sannidhis for Vinayaka, Murugan, navagraham, Mahalakshmi etc.
Ambal Vandamar Poonkuzhali  sannidhi facing east.Ambal is about 3 feet standing and blessing devotees

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