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Thiruvaimur Vaimurunathar saptha vidangam temple

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Location and How to reach:
Thiruvaimur is located about 20 kms from Nagapattinam on the Tiruthuraipoondi road, It is approx. 2 kms before the Ettukudi Murugan temple(Click here to see my blog on this temple Ettukudi Murugan) It can also be reached via the Tiruvarur to Thiruthiraipoondi road at about the 20 t km take a left at Thirukaravasal and this temple is about 5 kms after Thirukkaravasal temple after ettukudiimage
Legends and Story
The lord has three  sannidhis here one as Thyagaraja,another as vaimurunathar and the third as Vedaranyeshwarar who blessed appar the last two are small Sand Lingas which have kavachams . The temple is quite small and has two praharams Appar and Gnanasambandar came here . When Appar asked Vinayaga where his father was hiding Vinayaka points to his father and is known as Kai Kattiya vinayakar as in this place Vaimur, truth alone is spoken
The outer praharam has ambal sannidhi .The mother is called Ksheera vachana Nayaki.and appears in bluish hue.Sambandar has composed various padhigams about her.The priest was very nice to take us around and explain in detail
The temple is presently famous as Bhairavar temple as there are ashta Bhairavars here and prayers to them are seldom un answered!IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0003
As we enter via the rajagopuram we see the main temple with two vinayakas on the door on either sideIMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0007
The inner praharam has the Viral kattiya pillaiyarIMG_0009
The three sannidhis of Shiva are all next to each other facing east . The Thyagaraja sannidhi is shown below note the Nandi standingIMG_0010
The list of the Saptha vidangam with dances and names of the LingamsIMG_0011 IMG_0012
The outer praharam has the Exquisite Vrishaba dakshinamurthy (Seen Below), Ganapathy,Murugan sannidhi,Ambal and the Ashta bhairavars
The ambal sannidhi South facingIMG_0027

The ashta bhairavars sannidhiIMG_0008

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