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Thirupariyalur Veeretteshwarar-a Padal petra sthalam

This is one of the ashta veerattanams  where Shiva kills his Father In Law  Daksha for going against law and also gives him rebirth with a goats head. It is the place where Daksha composes the Chamakam part of Rudram. Daksha is the Eldest son of Brahma and the father in law of Chandran also.
How to reach:
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It is about 10 kms from Mayavaram on the  road to thirukadaiyur turn right at the sembanar koil turning in about 7 kms from mayavaram in 3 kms after sembanar koil crossing  take a left turn  thirupariyalur  is slightly off the main road   .
Legends and Stories:
The priest here is very knowledgeable young man who kept me engrossed for an hour with the greatness of this temple. Lord Shiva dances the Rudra Thandava here and kills Daksha who has humiliated Dakshayini and also gives back hiss life on the prayers of Daksha’s wife Veda.Daksha was the son of Brahma and father-in-law of Chandra and Shiva, He was angry with Shiva as Shiva had killed Brahma at Thirukandiyur, Shiva had also given protection from Daksha to Chandra the other son in law whom Shiva had in his locks,He proceeded to start the yagna at the insistence of Narada his younger brother without inviting Shiva and respecting him but Dakshayini's death tears apart shiva who dances the rudra thandava and sets loose Veerabhadra the fiery manifestation of his anger to behead Daksha. He also gives Mangalya pitchai to Daksha’s wife and in gratitude Daksha composes the Chamakam a list of things to ask the lord in all humility.
The beautiful Veerabhadra Idol is  really a feast for the eye.both in size and in detail. The Yanthra behind the idol is very special
As you enter the Rajagopuram you see the Nandi and the Kodi maramIMG_0128
It is a small temple with a single praharam. The Shiva lingam inside Dakshapureeshwarar is facing west
Main Shiva .Image click to see from

The Ambal Balambikai (Ilamkombanayal) is a 16 year old here and is graceful. IMG_0142Image from
The Dakshahattheshwarar (Veerabhadra)is next to the ambal between the Shivan sannidhi and ambal  both are  facing North
Clickhere for Image from

The Koshta vigrahas are unique here with Kasi viswanathar,bhairavar, Sangu nidhi next to Dakshinamurthy sannidhi and Padmanidhi next to Vinayaka.There are sannidhis for Mahalakshmi, the Lingodhbhavar has brahma and Vishnu in attendence. There is also a fresco of Daksha performing  yagnaIMG_0130IMG_0134IMG_0135IMG_0136IMG_0137IMG_0138
A small temple made fascinating by the priests storytelling

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