Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sri Maakaaleshwarar madhusundaranayaki temple at Irumbai near Auroville pondicherry- A padal petra sthalam

Today morning I was able to get a darshan of this lord Sri.Maakaaleshwarar one of the three in India the other two being in Ujjain and one near Mayavaram.He is one who has subdued Time (Kala)
The temple is ancient and Thirugnanasambandar ,Sundarar,Thirunavukkarasar and Manikavasagar have all sung about this Temple in their padigams. The temple being in close proximity of Auroville is taken care of by the inmates very lovingly. The entire temple premises were re done aesthetically in 2010 by the inmates of auroville
The temple maintains its own website   Click to visit temple website

How to reach:
The temple is in Auroville very close to NH 66.I happened to travel from Tindivanam and even before the toll near Pondy I was directed by a small sign to Irumbai.The road meandered along for about500 mts and I was in the temple compound.
The temple is about 11 kms from pondicherry

 The temple tank

The legend of the temple :
The temple legend is that of a Siddha purusha who lived here called Kaaduveli Sidhar whose penance was causing intolerable heat. The king used a devadasi called Valli who succeeded in waking up the saint without angering him. The rest of the history is best known from the temple blog from the official link:
The command of the saint made the Shivalinga burst into 3 pieces and shower rocks.The present Shivalinga is thus held together by a Copper band on top.The entire story has been created as murals and represented on the walls of the temple compound

as you enter the main tower you see the South facing entrance with the Ambal sannidhi in front of you.
The Dwajastamha is in the west facing the lord is Nandi. the temple is very small and we can see the Lord, Ambal and the Nataraja with Sivagami  all from the centre of the main sannidhi. 
The inside of the sannidhi is covered with brass and gives a rich feel
View of the inside

The kosta vigrahas are all very well carved , There is a Hanuman also. The Navagraha sannidhi houses the navagraha devatas along with their spouses
Narthana Ganapathy 

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