Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kachi Anegathangavatham Siva Temple, Kanchipuram- A padal petra sthalam

This is a small temple with a history of Ganapathy marrying Vallabha here.


How to Reach:

This is a small temple in Kanchipuram close to the Kailasanathar Temple in an area called Pillaiyar palayam. On the road from Kacchapeshwara temple to Kailasanatha temple called SVN Pillai street  look for the SSKV school for boys on the left the temple is right next and behind the school.


Legends and Stories:

Lord Kubera was being troubled by Sukracharya he prayed to Shiva her who swallowed the pride of Sukracharya and helped kubera

Maharshi Mareechi, adopted a female child he found in the lotus pond . He named her Vallaba. . She was abducted by a  demon called Kesi. She prayed to Lord Shiva to rescue her. Lord Shiva  and Ambica sent Vinayaka for the mission Lord  Shiva said that Vinayaka would be victorious in  the war against the demon. if he worships in this temple. Lord Vinayaka followed the advice and installed the Linga here . The Demon Kesi was destroyed and Vallaba rescued. Lord Shiva and Mother Ambica performed the wedding of Vinayaka with Vallaba here.Tough in this temple Vinayaka is seen as a Solitary devatha in his Shrine.

Sri Sundarar the Nayanmar has composed a song on this lord in this temple.

As you enter the small gate  you can see the compact temple which houses a huge Siva lingam


The Ganapathy sannidhi is seen in the far end


The Koshta Vigrahas are all Small and niceIMG_20150607_094250_HDRIMG_20150607_094302_HDR

The Ganapathy inside the shrineIMG_20150607_094317_HDRIMG_20150607_094338_HDRIMG_20150607_094409_HDR

I found a lot of elderly teens studying in this temple mostly males. The priest has to come from Ekambranathaswamy temple and he comes by 10:30 AM it seems

In Short a small and neat Temple with an ancient past

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