Friday, June 12, 2015

Sri Sathyanatheshwara temple-Kanchi( Kachineri Kaaraikadu Kaarai Tirunatheswarar)–a Padal petra sthalam

This was a real tough one to find out. The local name of the temple is  Sathyanadheshwara temple but the old name is Kaarikadu thirunatheeshwara. It has been sung about by Gnanasambandar and it is a Navagraha sthalam for Mercury(Budhan)

How to Reach:

The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi and to reach this temple first ask for the Kanchipuram GPO this is in the north east part of Chinna kanchipuram .Opposite to this is the Tirukallimedu road follow this road which parallels a huge drain /sewer and after 2 kms  take a left turn and you will come in front of the temple

सत्यानाठेस्वरार मंदिर   Google मानचित्र



Legends and Stories:

Budhan (Mercury) prayed here for alleviation of his sins. Hi athi devathai is Vishnu hence there is a Vishnu and Budhan sannidhi here

When Sambandar came here it was a forest of thorn trees .

The Shivalingam is Red in Dakshinayanam and in Uttarayanam it is white  in colour

The Goddess is Bhramarambikai. The temple and the Sivalingam are both west facing hence the Kosta vigrahas are all reversed

The Sannidhi for Perumal also has Lakshmi inside

The Koshta vigrahas are seen belowIMG_20150607_111328_HDRIMG_20150607_111341_HDRIMG_20150607_111349_HDRIMG_20150607_111355_HDRIndra and Budha worshiping Shiva




Perumal sannidhi



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