Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thiru Metralinathar Shiva temple-Kanchipuram–A padal petra sthalam

This is a recently re built temple where there are two Shivan sannidhis . The Odhu urugeeshwarar who melted at the songs sung by Sri Gnanasmbandar and inside the main shrine is Muktheeshwarar who is actually Vishnu who yearned and obtained a form as a Lingam.This is one other example as to prove that both these  Gods  are one and the same.

How to reach:

The area in Periyakanchipuram or Sivakanchi where the temple is situated is called Pilliyar palyam. Sambandar also has a temple nearby . He is known as Aaludia pillai and thus the area is known as Pilliyar palyam.

From Ekambranathar Temple a direct road called Krishna street takes you to Pilliyar palyam and the temple is in Metrali streetGoogle मानचित्रIMG_20150607_100030_HDR

Legends and Stories:

Lord Shiva heard the songs of saint Gnanasambandar and melted here he moves aside for Vishnu in the inner sanctum who yearns for the form of a linga to have a better look at Sambamdar. Strangely though the songs of sambandar on his lord are not yet found but there are many songs of Sundarar and Thirunavukkarasar .

As you enter the gopuram you see the west facing Shiva called Odhu urugeeshwarar one who melted for the songs of the devotee on the right side belowIMG_20150607_100110_HDR

he left side has a sannidhi for Parashakthi and the nayanmars. The legend of Vishnu attaining Siva rupam is also shown above the parashakthi sannidhiIMG_20150607_100231_HDRIMG_20150607_100241_HDR











The inner temple has a East facing Shiva with Vishnu padam in frontIMG_20150607_100644_HDR

The Koshta vigrahas


A temple where the ancient has been rebuilt