Sunday, May 15, 2016

Konerirajapuram Sri Umamaheshwara Temple-A padal petra sthalam- Exquisite tall Nataraja and Sivagami Bronzes

This temple is more famously known for its mammoth Nataraja probably the biggest in the world which is so exquisite and ancient it is also known as Nataraja temple.

How to reach:

The temple is on the highway connecting Kumbakonam and Karaikal about 20 kms from Kumbakonam there is a right turn which leads to the temple in about 2 kmsDSC05577



Legends and stories:

The temple was built by Sembilan mahadevi the queen of Kandaradhitya Chola  grand parents of Raja raja Chola.

King Varaguna pandiyan ordered for the Shilpi here to sculpt a Nataraja but it was not complete hence a deadline was issued with death as a penalty if it was not completed. Answering the prayers of the distraught sculptor Siva and Parvathi came here and consumed the pancha loha metal and stood as idols here. Each and every small mole, skin tag and vein on the Nataraja is so naturally done

There is a Vaidhyanathan koil behind who is very famous in curing any ill health including Leprosy. Dull students consume the theertham of the pond as Gnana Kozhumbu for success.

The vimana above the sanctum sanctorum is of Ashtadwarapala the ashta dikpalakas worshipped here

Yama worshipped the Durga here to dispel fear after he was scared after being kicked by Lord Shiva at Thirukadaiyur.

Nala and Damayanthi worshipped here and found the effect of Shani was waning after their visit here, hence Shani is seen in a separate eastern sannidhi with white clothes

The entrance DSC05580

At this point on either side we have sannidhis for Vinayaka and MuruganDSC05581DSC05582

There are ancient paintings with one showing brits offering pooja at the entrance of the main praharamDSC05586DSC05587


This praharam houses the Exquisite Natarajar and Sivagami sculpturesDSC05590

The entrance to the huge Shiva sannidhi is in the middle. the Shivalingham is majestic with a huge avudiarIMG_20160507_095803_HDR

The Kosta vigrahas are all ancient and exquisitely carved from stone. There wee also nice carvings showing the Gajasamhara murthy,bhikshandar, brahmaIMG_20160507_095927_HDRIMG_20160507_095938_HDRIMG_20160507_095958_HDRIMG_20160507_100036_HDR


The Vaidyanathan sannidhi is separateDSC05596DSC05597The Ambal sannidhi (Angavala nayaki or Dehasundari) is on the left and the idol is enchanting and about 3 feet tallDSC05591DSC05592

The Main praharam also has a separate shaniswara adorned in whiteIMG_20160507_095837_HDR

The Multiple GanapathysIMG_20160507_101116_HDR


The rare Chandikeshwara with his consort sundara KusambikaiIMG_20160507_100128_HDRIMG_20160507_100142_HDR