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Sri Seshapureeshwarar temple at Thirupambaram-a padal Petra sthalam–Rahu Ketu parihara sthalam

There are three major navagraha  parihara sthalams for Rahu and ketu in the Kumbakonam region at Nageshwarar koil, Thirunageshwarm  for Rahu and Keezh Perumpallam for ketu. This is the only temple where both Rahu and Ketu are together manifest in a single idol and it is very famous for relief from Naga dosham too. Snakes are very frequently seen inside the temple and locals say there is no fear of snakebites here as they are all devoid of venom. The   visitors here are plenty and as the priest was jokingly remarking the temple is more famous in  Karnataka and Andhra . There are the ubiquitous touts milling around who will guide you through for a fee.

How to reach:

The temple is situated about 30 kms from Kumbakonam towards Karaikal. It is also about 7 kms from Peralam and Koothanur about 3 kms interior from the main road.It can also be reached from Mayavaram  towards Tiruvarur at Kollumangudi take a right and in 5 kms you can reach the temple The small village kids are so adept that when you stop the car they automatically point to the temple route even without your asking directions!!!


Legends and Stories:

Once when Vinayaka was performing pooja to Shiva the serpent on Shiva's  neck became bloated with ego as he thought he was superior to Vinayaka.Shiva sensed this and cursed all snakes including Adiseshan and Vasuki to loose their venom. To atone for this mistake and to regain their lost powers Anandhan, Vasuki, Dakshan, Karkodagan, Sanga balan, Kuligan, padman, Maha padman the main eight Naga’s and the Naga King Aadhiseshan.came here to do penance.Rahu and Ketu are both snakes one with a body of snake and one with the head of the snake.

As per Shiva’s order all the main Naga Kings worshipped first at “Kumbakonam Nageshwarar”,  “Thirunageswaram Naganathar”, “Thirupampuram Pampura Nathar” and then “Nagore Naga Nathar” on  Shiva Rathri day and got rid of their curses.

The lord here  has been sung about by  various Nayanmars like Thirugnanasambandar,Thirunavukkarasarand Sundarar

This is a parihara sthalam for all naga doshas,kala doshas, sarpa doshas and Rahu ketu afflictions of the horoscope which explains the popularity of the temple


The Gopuram entrance leads us to the main sannidhi of Seshapureeshwarar the magnificent Shivalingam graces the sanctum in all serenity, DSC05612The praharam outside is small with a sannidhi for Vandar poonkuzhali Amman( Bhramarambika)  who graces in the standing postureDSC05608 Vanni tree is the sthala vruksham with a Vannieshwarar shrine in front



The most important Rahu Ketu sannidhi is found nextDSC05610

Things to buy are easily available in the next shop and all around we find multiple agents/pujaris helping devotees perform pariharams


Durga Sannidhi entrance


Info about the temple and its greatnessDSC05611

The Small Nandi in front of the Shivan sannidhiDSC05613

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