Monday, June 13, 2016

Shri Shanmuganathan Murugan Temple-Viralimalai

This Saturday 26/9/15 I was travelling near Trichy and happened to visit this ancient temple. This temple is renowned for the abundant peacocks strolling around and is a place where many Siddhars are supposedly still living in the caves.
How to Reach:
Many years ago while travelling from Trichy to Madurai I remember seeing the temple steps.Today the NH 45 has a bypass and you have to enter inside the town.On The TRICHY –MADURAI HIGHWAY after about 20 kms you will see the hillock beckoning.

here is a narrow approach road to the temple and it is best you park in the broad road nearby.The regular buses from Trichy and Madurai do stop here.There are about 270 steps which leads to he temple.
Stories and Legends:
This place was where Saint Arunagirinathar was blessed with knowledge.  Murugan came as a hunter and directed the saint to this temple
This is seen in the Sandhana mandapam at the end of the flight of stairsIMG_20150926_091108IMG_20150926_091117IMG_20150926_091157
The Thondaman Raja of Pudukottai had a dream that if Cigars are given as prasadam in the afternoon and evening his disease would be cured hence the devotees bring these as prasadam to be submitted to god.
Saint Vashishta Cursed Arundathi for not taking care of the infant murugan who was born in 6 parts from Shiva's body Murugan in turn cursed Sage Vashishta who then came here with Arundhati and both were absolved of their sins  after praying here.
I found that people give their child in adoption to muruga for favours obtained and the child's maternal uncle re adopts the child after paying the lord  a token amount of rice husk(Thavudu)
The climb is scenic and pleasant if done slowly.There are a lot of monkeys so beware.They have a free run. There are small shrines for Vinayaga,Murugan
Idumban Sannidhi a small cave Shrine for Meenakshi Sundareshwar
The top mandabam leads to the flight of steps opening into the main temple with one praharm
The Main sannidhi has Shanmughanatha with 6 faces and 12 arms on the peacock all this standing on one leg of a peacock.There is a mirror behind which allows us to seethe three faces behind.
The outer praharam has many niches with gods as below
Some unique carvings on the temple wall
A small temple in a quiet place

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