Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sri Nitheeshwara Shiva temple–Srimushnam

I had the opportunity to visit this ancient temple on 11/06/16 .though I could not find many references to this temple it appears very ancient and is definitely the underdog temple hugely overshadowed by the more famous Sri Bhuvaraha swami temple. The Shiva temple is situated at the back of the more famous Bhuvarahaswamy temple in Srimushnam and very few visit this temple.The priest had finished  the first kala puja and left when I visited hence the temple garba gruha was locked but I did get a good darshan and lot of serenity during the visit.

Nearby there is the Uttaradhi mutt with Raghavendra swami Brindavanam also.The temple tank and the Sthalavruksham of the Bhuvarahaswami are both in front of the Shiva temple.both The Shiva and Ambal Brihannayaki are found having separate sannidhi with Nandi too in front and both are facing east

How to Reach:

Srimushnam can be reached either from Vriddhachalam ( approx. 20 kms)proceeding south towards Andimadam where in you take a left about 20 kms before andimadam after crossing Rajendrapattinam. You cam also travel from Kumbakonam( approx. 67 kms), Gangaikonda cholapuram /Jayamkondan  to Srimushnam.( Recently I have travelled along all these roads and they are in excellent condition as of June 2016)


There is a single prakaram and the Shiva complex has a vestibular approach of two passages up to the garba gruhaDSC05967DSC05969

The navagrahas in the far corner in the second corridor with other minor vigrahasDSC05970DSC05971DSC05973

The garba gruha DSC05972

The koshta vigrahas were all unique but many were mutilated too Ganesha, UmaMaheshwara and Agasthya










On the northern side is the complex of Devi Brihannayaki Ambal. it is a separate temple by itself and was serenity personified. The Goddess is about5 feet tall and standing unfortunately I was too far away to get a better darshan


a unique carving inside on the pillarDSC05996DSC05998

The huge Banyan tree in front of the temple. Sri Bhuvarahaswamy is said to have manifested in this tree and the pond in frontDSC05999DSC06001


Clearly an ancient temple which has had its glorious times today sadly needs more patronage