Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tiruvelvikudi ManaVaaleshwarar temple-Kumbakonam- A Padal petra sthalam

By sheer providence I took a wrong turn at Aduthurai and ended up at this temple while trying to visit the Thirumananjeri temple (click here to see my blog on the Thirumananjeri temple).

It was a divine blessing as I came too know that the pre marriage Vedic homams were all conducted here for Shiva and Parvathy before their wedding at Tirumananjeri and we are supposed to visit this temple before visiting the Thirumananjeri temple.

How to Reach:

This temple is very close to the tirumanenjeri temple and easily accessed from Aduthurai (for details see my blog on the Thirumanenjeri temple)

Legends of the temple:

The temple was the place where the vedic homam before the wedding was conducted. Those with delay in wedding should do homams here to expedite things.Compared to the Thirumnanjeri temple there is no crowd here. the peaceful surroundings were enchanting    .


The temple has  nice pond outside and the outer courtyard is well maintainedIMG_0004The main Shivan  Sri Manavaaleshwarar sannidhi is seen in front  facing east.He is a majestic Shivalingam almost 5 feet tall


with Ambal Parimalasugandha nayaki in the front facing south.The ambal is standing and is about 5 feet tall


The outer praharam has a sannidhi where Shiva and parvathi are seen holding hands . The brass figures are exquisite but in need of better maintenance  IMG_0011

The koshta vigrahas are of Ganapathi, Agasthiar, NatarajaIMG_0012

, Dakshinamurthy,IMG_0015IMG_0014

Lingodbhavar, Chandrasekhara and Ardhanaareeswarar adorn the outer walls of the main sanctum.IMG_0017IMG_0018 The Ardhanari is unique in hat the shakthi is depicted on the right half unlike the usual left .

There is an unique durgai and a bhikshandar IMG_0022IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0025

There is an unique eeshana lingam in its own enclosure and lighting a lamp here will help mitigate navagraha and marriage doshamsIMG_0029


The Bull image on the temple was very life like


The well had living trees as posts to support the pulley


The entrance to the ambal sannidhiIMG_0031IMG_0034

Inscriptions from the period of Sembian Mahadevi and Rajaraja Cholan and Parantaka Cholan have been found in this temple.

The temple legend a shown above the Shivan sannidhiIMG_0030