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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swami temple Singrikudi nearThavalakuppam Pondicherry

I had visited this temple last month during the south zone Urology conference and thought I had blogged about it today anyway I got another opportunity while attending a medical camp at Pondicherry I found time to re visit the same .
The temple is located in Abhishekapakkam village on the Pondy Cuddalore road. About 6 kms from Pondy you will reach Thavalakuppam take the right here and you will reach  Abhishekapakkam village in 2 kms and further take a right at the village’s electricity power transformer a board will guide you you will reach the temple main road on the rightIMG_20160731_092327_HDR
Alternatively you can reach this place on the villupurum Pondy road at about 20 kms form Vizhupuram on the siruvanthandu road
The temples of Narasimha at  Parikkal(,

Poovarasankuppam( and Singrikudi are in a straight line and can be visited in one morning .Shri Lakshmi Narasimhar Singrigudi PoovarasanKuppam Parikkal Route Map

Map courtesy

you can add Anthill ( as well as

Singaperumal koil( and finish off 5 Narasimha temples in one day

Once Nimi Chakravarthy wanted to do a Indra yagna and invited Vashishta who declined to conduct it but promised to visit the yagna, when he came the king was asleep and hence he cursed the king to roam around like a spirit the king also cursed the sage. To atone for this Vashishta sought help from his father Brahma who advised him to pray here and attend salvation
The temple is ancient with peaceful ambience. The Rajagopuram leads us to an outer prahara where there is a temple for Vishwaksenar and two temples for grama devathasIMG_20160731_085402_HDR

Vishwaksenar(Ganapathy) in the front and behind you can see one of the Durga Amman Grama devathas temple in the pic below)


The other Durga Amman sannidhi is seen below right next to the Rajagopuram


The Next prahara has the Kodimaram and sannidhis for Kanakavalli Thayar and Andal.There is also a small Brindavanam


The above pic is showing all the below mentioned aspects from one spotIMG_20160731_091810_HDR


Andal sannidhi in the far side


Thayar Kanakavalli sannidhi on the Southern side facing east



The main prahara has Narasimha swami Sannidhi facing west.Here Narasimha in his ugra roopa is seen  killing hiranyakashyappu he has 16 arms you can see In the main sanctum along with Ugra Narasimha, we see Yoga Narasimha and Bala Narasimha.

To the left side within the sanctum, we see Neelavathi (Wife of Hiranyakashyappu) and to right we see  Prahladha, Sukra and Vashishta

(Pic courtesy Google)

Each limb of the lord shows either a mudra, a weapon or is dismembering Hiranyakashyappu

There are special entry darshan with Rs.10 and cut the queue.

The whole temple has a peaceful unhurried ambience and is well worth the visit

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