Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sri Padaleeshwarar temple Thiruppathiripuliyur in Cuddalore-A Padal petra sthalam

Last Sunday my wife and myself had an opportunity to pray at this temple. Though I had driven via Cuddalore umpteen times the lord permitted me and gave me a darshan only  a week ago


When you are driving down from pondy on the east coast road you will enter into cuddalore and cross the bridge on the kedilam river the ECR turns left proceed straihjy into cuddalore town and after driving a couple of KMS on the right you can see the road to the temple turn in and take a left you will see the temple.

Alternatively youcan reach the main road from Thiruvanthipuram /panrutti from the west .Also  Kedilam bridge.from Mayavaram and kmbakonam you can come via the east coast road and turn left at the kedilam bridge.

The temple is walkin distance from the Thiruppathiripuliyur  railway station and Cuddalore bus standIMG_20161120_090303_HDRIMG_20161120_090315_HDR


The temple is very ancient I was first fascinated bythe story that affter visiting 1008 temples Thirunavukkarasar and Thirugnanasambambar met up at this temple and continued their journey singing about the  Shiva temples  in the Cauvery delta.

Saint arunagirinathar has composed exquisite thirupugazh on  Murugan in this temple

Parvathi was once banished from Kailasa for closing the eyes of Shiva playfully she did penance here under the Padiri tree here and was again re united with Shiva

Saint Thirunavukkarasar (@ Appar) was tied to a rock and cast into the sea by Mahendra pallava (600-630 A.D) a staunch vaishnavite. He miraculously floated on the rock in the sea under divine blessings and landed nearby at “Karaiyeravittakuppam” a place nearby

upamanyu son of Vyagrapada rishi while offering worship to Parvati  inaduartenty  kicked Devi who cursed him to become a hare. He repented his action and devi ordained him to pray the lord Padaleeswarar to get rid of the curse. The hare after wandering many years was one day hunted by the legendary king Adirajan. The hare after getting wounted  and came in contact with the brances of this padiri tree. The touch of the tree resulted in  upamanyu regaining his human form.

As you enter the main gate you see the dwaja sthambam and Nandi IMG_20161120_091456

Thenext praharam has the Koshta vigrahas Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy, Lingodhbhavar, Brahma and Durga.There are also  the 63 nayanmars, a bala vinayaka in stone relief work, another selva vinayaka, Gajalakshmi,Shanmukaa having their own sannidhis.

The Main Sanctum of Shiva is huge and the Shivalinga itself is najestic and well decked up producing an divine spectacle for the bhaktas

The outer praharam has the Sthala vruksha the padiri treeIMG_20161120_091653

The Godess Periyanayaki is a 6 footer standing in her own temple complex, bali peetam and Dwajasthambam on the northern side facing east



The temple houses a Go shala and I made a few friendsIMG_20161120_091731IMG_20161120_091735IMG_20161120_092240