Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sri Vamanapureswarar Temple Thirumanikuzhi–a Padal petra sthalam

The road from Panrutti to Cuddalore has many temples famous in their own right. After visiting Padaleeswarar temple at Cuddalore  and the Thiruvandhipuram temple this is the next temple I had the chance to visit last sunday.

How to reach:

The temple is roughly about 5 kms away rom thiruvahindipuram  and 20 kms away from Panrutti on the Panrutti Cuddalore road SH 68.The temple is on the banks of the Kedilam riverIMG_20161120_095454


The temple is unique in that there is always a screen(Bheema Rudra) who keeps the lord covered except during aarathi. The Lord is with Parvathy in the garba gruha and hence the privacy

Mahavishnu  was born as  Vamana the12th child of sage  Kashyapa and

Adithi;He vanquished the ego of Bali Chakravarthy since he used a bit of trickery to do that he came here and did penance to redeem himself  as depicted in the carvings below found in the templeIMG_20161120_095706

As you enter the main gopuram you see the dwaja sthambam and bali peetam.The entrance to the temple is through the left and a passage leads to the main Shiva complexIMG_20161120_095510

The Inner praharam has various koshta vigrahas as below on the walls along with separate sannidhi for murugan ,Ganapathy, Gajalakshmi etc.IMG_20161120_095730IMG_20161120_095736IMG_20161120_095857

The Durga is unique in that she is a Raja Durga not standing on the mahisha (BULL)


In the sanctum itself the main lord Shiva is covered by a screen with the Bheema Rudra  and puja is also done for the Bheema Rudra.The Shivalingam itself is quite small but very attractive.

Below is a picture from of the sanctum

The Goddess  Ambujakshi is holding two flowers in Her hands, lotus and Neelotpala. The woes of devotees would become softer as flowers, it is said. She graces from her own temple complex on the north side she also faces east


All around the temple in many places I found statues of Bala Vinayaka and Bala Murugan  scattered around It is a place where many people come for begetting progenyIMG_20161120_100303IMG_20161120_100309

A photo of the Goddess from