Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sri Kari Varadaraja Perumal Temple–Nerkundrum Chennai

Among the many rare gems hidden inside of Chennai this temple ranks  on top and I was lucky to visit it today.The perumal opens his eyes when Nerkundram is performed so wonderful is the sculptors work. The sculptures are unquestionably ancient but the temple is very modern

Here is a link to the video of the phenomenon I saw on you tube

You tube link of Moola virat during Aarathi

I had heard many years ago from my daughters school friend  that this temple was in nerkundram today morning I located it and visited


On Poonamalle high road after  proceeding from  Koyambedu , before reaching the MGR engineering college signal on the left look for Dayasadan street  turn in and take the narrow lane on the left adjoining the mosque then take the first right and you will be in front of the temple. The roads are all narrow and I was able to negotiate with my zen, It will be prudent to park in the mosque street and walk down



The legend here is related to the Gajendra moksham episode of Vishnupuranam where Gajendra’s foot is caught by a gandharva in crocodile form and the merciful Lord gives moksha to both at this place. The temple is a few thousand years old said the hereditary bhattar.

As you enter the main gate on the left you see these sannidhis  for the alwars, Anjeneya and Sri Vishwaksenar(Ganesha)IMG_20170625_084705IMG_20170625_084725

Anjeneya sannidhi


Once you see these sannidhis you are in front of the main sannidhi with the Garudalwar in front. This sannidhi is air conditioned and has glass doors.

Behind this structure  are the sannidhis for thayar and Andal.these are all so wonderful to see ancient sculptures in modern housing!!IMG_20170625_084912IMG_20170625_085713

A view of the reflection of the Moola virat in the mirror on top of Garudalwar sannidhiIMG_20170625_085802

The perumal is flanked by Sridevi and Bhoodevi . He stands with the Varada hasta left pointing to his feet the right hand has the Gada the posterior hands have the chakra and Conch, He also has a simha muka on his abdomen.

It is the belief here that he is the lord of the navagrahas. All prayers are fulfilled in 9 days or 9 months(child birth) and thanks giving is done then with in 9 weeks.