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Sri Thiruvetteswarar–Shenbagambikai temple Triplicane Chennai

For me  Triplicane evokes fond memories of Parthasarathy temple,its divine  prasadam ,  it is also the home of another ancient temple for Shiva the Thiruvetteswarar temple. Today after visiting the Pudupet temple I had an opportunity to visit


The temple is situated near the main Triplicane high road. I entered the Triplicane high road behind the new Omundurar medical college and turned right. As I proceeded straight I turned right into Mayor chittibabu street and a further left turn brought me in front of the temple20180114_101312


Arjuna obtained the pasupatha from Shiva and was returning back when he prayed here. Since he incurred a sin of opposing Shiva during the fight in the forest when both claimed  that the boar hunted belonged to them Arjuna was re born as Kanappa nayanar and is celebrated as a great Shiva devotee here

Thirunavukkarasar has sung about this temple but not visited

The savant Sundarar has a sannidhi here with both wives here

Goddess Lakshmi prayed to Shiva here for enabling her marriage to Mahavishnu here There is a carving on a pillar to substantiate this . there  is also a sannidhi for Lakshmi with Saraswathi inside in the praharamTiruvetteeswarar_005

(image courtesy TNHRCE from the temple website)

It is the place where Rahu and ketu prayed to Shiva for redemption. The roof of the inner praharam has a huge carving of the swallowing of sun and moon here

Image courtesy TH HRCE from the temples websiteTiruvetteeswarar_010

It is one of the few temples with a huge pond un encroached and with a large garden in this bustling concrete jungle

There are 3 dwaja stambhas in this temple one in front one in front of the Ambal sannidhi and one in front of the Murugan sannidhi

As you enter the Rajagopuram you see the main praharam entrance



The outer praharam has certain unique sannidhis like

the Vallabha Ganapathy who is thanked with coconut offerings and lamp lit with coconut oil20180114_101413

The Adhikara Nandi  sannidhi


The Southern side showing Dwajasthambam of Ambal sannidhi


The western and northern side have a nandavanam and also the huge pond which is dry now 20180114_10280020180114_10280420180114_10311520180114_103129

The main praharam has a single hall from where we can pray to both Shiva and Ambika .The temple has been re built inside to include a sannidhi for the utsava vigrahas  Thyagaraja swami and Parvathi as somaskandar. This somehow makes the sanctum look cramped but is well maintained

The Koshta  vigrahas are all small and there is a huge sannidhi for the 63 nayanmars which is well lit and organised. The Durga sannidhi is very well maintained with grill gate and the idol itself is warmly welcoming with a benevolent smile.

The outer praharam has a Bhairavar sannidhi


and a Navagraha sannidhi as below



A truly ancient oasis in the midst of the concrete metropolis Chennai

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