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Sri Uchinatheswarar Temple at Thirunelvayil (Sivapuri), Chidambaram- A padal petra sthalam

Chidambaram is a very sacred town which houses many temples. The Natarajar temple is world famous and it is the first among the temples sung about by the nayanmars on the northern bank of the cauvery. There are 3 more padal petra sthalams in Chidambaram which are equally ancient but rarely visited as the Nataraja temple dwarfs the other temples by its uniqueness.

All four temples are within 2-3 kms radius in the southern direction from the Nataraja temple .

How to reach:

All four temples are within 2-3 kms radius in the southern direction from the Nataraja temple . Head towards the bus stand and ask for the Annamalai university . The road crosses the Coleroon river and here you take a right turn at the end of the bridge and in a KM you will see the Annamalai university .

Proceed straight for about 2 kms in the same road you will cross mariappan nagar on the right the road will curve right and  you enter Sivapuram there you can see the pond of the Thirunelvayil temple with the majestic temple behind. A half KM away is the Sri Palvanna nathar Siva temple on the same roadDSCN0118


The temple has been visited by Gnana sambandar who has sung about the temple. the wedding party of this saint came from Sirkali and was proceeding towards Achalapuram near cuddalore . it was peak afternoon and the party rested here in this temple in the hot sun and were served food by the Lord himself in the afternoon in the guise of an old priest, hence he is called Sri Uchinatheswarar or also Madhyaneshwarar.

Sage Kanva and Agastya have prayed here to the lord Shiva 

Sri Arunagirinathar has sung songs on Murugan here As you enter you see Nandi and his consort on the left side he is called Adikara NandiDSCN0119

The temple by itself is small but has many exquisite carvings and is patronised by the nagarthar Chettiars . It is well maintained.


The Nandi and Ambal sannidhi is seen below

DSCN0121 There is a single praharam with the majestic Shivalingam which is a Swayambu one who manifested himself facing east. Behind the linga are sculptures of Siva and Parvathi seen in Kalyana kolam as seen by Agastya.

 The Ambal Kanakambikai graces us from the north side from her sannidhi facing south

The kosta vigrahas are Ganapathy,DSCN0124







There are separate sannidhis for Vinayaka, Murugan

Shrine for Vinayaka


Shrine for Subrahmanya





The sthala vriksham is Vilvam

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