Sunday, May 22, 2011

Navagraha temples in Chennai near Porur –Ramanadheswara temple –Guru Sthalam

This temple is the closest one to the porur Kunrathur Junction and is famous for Guru Bhagawan.It is also an old temple belonging to chola period 700 AD built by kulathunga cholan.
Legend says the Sri Rama  came here searching for seetha. While staying here he accidently kicked a sivalingam and on realising it was a lingam he worshipped Siva here and lord Siva directed Rama to proceed towards Lanka (South ) from  here and hence Since Siva is the guru who gave directions  to the worshipper Rama the place  is famous as a guru kshetram There is no seperate Guru sannidhi and as such dakshinamurthy is also seen as in any Siva temple.
The temple was in Renovation when I went and hence was strewn with rocks. The main sannidhi has been completed with Marble.
Route: On entering the porur Kunrathur road after about 300 metres look for the EB  substation on the left. Take the adjoining left road and proceed till the last at the end take a left turn and you will come in front of the temple
(The main entrance under renovation)
( the Bairavar sannidhi seen here on the right and the Amman sannidhi seen in the back ground)
(back side of the Main sannidhi showing the gajaprusti vimanam)
Since Rama consecrated this temple there are lots of Vaishnava figures in the outer praharam and the vimanam
( view of the Main sannidhi mandapam with polished granite flooring)
(roof showing various painted motifs of the zodiac)
(Main ramanadheswarar sannidhi is on the right a sivalingam worshiped by Lord Rama before he left for Lanka)

The practice of offering Theertham and Sadaari are generally seen only in Vishnu temples. But, this is probably one of the few  Shiva temples like the pallikondeswarar temple in Surutapalli , where Theertham and Sadaari are offered to the devotees.
Devi  Kamakshi  sannidhi is seen on the east side facing the south

The Sthala Viruksham is Neem tree which is seen on the southern side of the prakaram. Lord Brahma is seen under the tree facing north. A small Shiva Lingam is kept facing east with Nandhi, adjacent to Lord Brahma. The Neem tree is dressed up with a nice sari which looks very lady like
The entire area is under construction hence difficult terrain to walk on .