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Sri Nallinaikeshwarar temple Ezhichur- Adhishtanam of Shri Vyasachala Mahadevendra saraswathi the 54th pontiff of the Kanchi Kamakoti peetam

I had read a lot about this temple being 1200 years old and being rebuilt after 1948. The kumbabishekam was performed in June 2012 . This is in addition the jeeva samadhi adhishtanam of Shri Sri Vyasachala Mahadevendra Saraswati the 54 th  Pontiff of the Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.
(Pic taken from the official website of the kamakoti peetam)
Today we went visiting this temple which was very peaceful and easily accessible from Chennai. It is about 55 kms from Chennai near oragadam.
How to reach:
Ezhichur is close to oragadam near Sriperumbudur.
1) from Chennai proceed on GST road after Perungalathur take the first  over bridge  turn right towards Wallajahbad.This is a six lane highway that goes all the way to Oragadam. Near the Renault factory over bridge you will see the road from Sriperumbudur joining. Proceed straight and then in about half a KM  take the  first small road to the left to Ezhichur . This can easily be missed. There is a provision store and bus stop on the main road. If you cross this the next building is the Maha meru peetam. So make sure you do not miss this peetam. On the left road proceed for about 2 kms and you will see a left turning cement paved road which leads you to the Temple.
2) On the Chennai Bangalore highway ,In Sriperumbudur  Just after The Rajiv Gandhi memorial there is a road to left 6 lane which leads to Oragadam. This will meet the oragadam KOOT road turn right here and take the first left to Ezhichur
Legends and History of the temple:
The temple has been in existence since a very long time. It was initially built by The Cholas and later when the Vijayanagara kings were in power the temple Ezhichur and Vennagaram were presented to Shri Vyasachala Mahadevendra saraswathy the 54 th pontiff of the Kanchi kamakoti mutt. This has been found recorded on stone edicts which were unearthed during renovation and also in the copper plates in possession of the Kanchi Mutt and also verified recently by the ASI.
The temple tank is called Surya Pushkarani and was built  by Lord Surya when he came to worship shiva here
The Temple also houses the Adhishtanam of Sri Vyasachala Mahadevendra Saraswati the 54 th  Pontiff of the Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.
The hereditary trustee Mr..Ramamurthy said there were almost 31 samadhis in the Temple premises which are still to be unearthed properly.
For more details visit http://www.dharsanam.com/2008/03/ezhuchur-sri-nallinakkeeswarar.html.
As you enter the compound there is a vinayaka temple on the right  called Vazhithunai vinayakarIMG_1027
In front of this shrine is the unique Rajo guna NandhiIMG_1030

The uniqueness of the Nandhi is that he has blunt horns ,sharp ears and is supposed to be in Yogic meditation. He is chanting the Om namashivaya and Listening to Gayathri manthra here. The Idol is beautifully carved with shawl,Bells around the neck, Rudraksha mala and the Nose rope  with the tongue licking the right Nostril. You can see the right back hoof and the tail curled from beneath the Nandi on to the left side . So three hoofs are seen .
( picture from http://www.dharsanam.com/2008/03/ezhuchur-sri-nallinakkeeswarar.html)
The main sanctorum houses a huge Shiva lingam with a massive avudiar . The lingam is about 5 feet . The Hall also houses sannidhis for Murugan and Deivambikai ambal . Murugan faces north and Ambal faces south seen on the right below.IMG_1029
There are many sthala vrukshas here. The main are the Azhinjal tree or the angora tree see my blog for further details (http://drlsravi.blogspot.in/2012/05/sri-nooreteashwarar-koil-chinnakavanam.html)
The Palmyra tree and the Arasa maram  which is usually the seat for Dakshinamurthy
This palm tree behind the adhishtanam of shri Vyasachala mahadevendra saraswathy shows a palm  tree which will not grow taller than the temple  as seen in the last 3 generations as per Shri.Ramamurthy trustee.
There is a Vilva tree also behind.
The Sides of the garba gruha have the usual Narthana ganapathy and Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu and Brahma and Durga as the Koshta vigrahas.IMG_1039
The South east corner has a Vinayaka temple IMG_1037
and between this and the main temple is
the adhishtanam where in there is  ChandramouleeshwaraIMG_1038
There is also a separate sannidhi for Vallalar seen on the southern side

It is a very peaceful temple with lots of antiquity. For details contact
Shri Ramamurthy Hereditary trustee Cell No:+919442555187
for more details and for supporting the temple and activities please visit the official  site of the temple here

From the Kanchi calender 2018

54. Sri Vyasachala Mahadevendra Saraswati
1498 - 1507 A.D.
आचाय - 54 - ासाचलमहादेवेः
काीकामेराया ··· िसिम ् ॥ १०७ ॥
अयमनवर ··· साचलम ् ॥
Born as the son of Kāmeśvara and Kamalāmbā
of Kāñci, the one named Kupanna who having
received the initiation and preceptor-ship with the
name Mahādeva, conducted the lectures on Bhāṣya
ably for twenty-one times in nine years rejoicingly,
attained siddhi on the pratipad of black fortnight in
the month of Āṣāḍha of the year Akṣaya.
As he stayed ever in the Vyāsācala, he is known as
Vyāsācala and the author of Vyāsācaliya and other
works. He attained siddhi in Vyāsācala.


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