Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nageshwara Temple Kumbakonam –A padal petra sthalam

This is probably the oldest temple in Kumbakonam. It was built by Parantaka Chola I and Adithya chola. The temple is in the form of Chariots with wheels and is dedicated to Lord Nataraja as Nageshwara,
How to reach:
The temple is right in the cenre of the town near the old bus stand
Legends of the temple:
Lord adisesha was getting tired due to the weight of the world he was carrying hence he worshipped shiva and parvathy here who lessened his burden and blessed him
When the Kumbham of cration fell and broke this was the place where the bhilva leaves fell.
Surya bhagawan worships the lord directly in Chitthirai month
Saint Thirugnana sambandar has sung devaram about this temple
There is a vinayaka here who is called Gangai vinayakar who was brought here from the gangetic plain later by Rajendra chola and installed here
File:Gangai Vinayagar.jpg
IMG_0131  theIMG_0130
The main sanctum has a shivalingam . The outer walls have various vigrahas  of worshippers with unique gods like Ardhanari and a Jwara vinayagar  IMG_0133 IMG_0135IMG_0134
The ambal sanidhi is outside the main sannidhi complex after the natarajar sannidhi .
IMG_0132There is also a sanidhi for Kali right in front of the Natarajar sannidhi
The Nataraja mandapam is sculpted as a chariot with wheels 
IMG_0137 IMG_0136

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