Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shri Saraparameshwarar koil- A padal petra sthalam

The shiva temple is an ancient mada kovil built by Kochengan Cholan and is unique for many features. . There is a Saranathaswamy perumal temple also here.
About 25 kms on the Kumbakonam Thiruvarur route via Nachiar koil is this temple seen on the left side of the roadDSC04737
The temple was being rebuilt as I visited it and hence could not take many photos
Legends and history:
Saint Tirunavukkarasar has sung the grace of Bhairava of this temple in his Thevaram hymn. The song describes Bhairava as Lord Shiva Himself.The  Bhairava appears here with a tattoo on his left upper arm with a trident and bell, a depiction only in this temple.
This is the only temple where there are 3 durgais Siva durgai, Vishnu Durgai and Vaishnavi durgai.
There is a huge Sivalingam in the outer praharam called Rhuna mukhteshwarar who was installed by Markandeya rishi . This Shiva helps people to get rid of debts and find lost wealth.
The ambal of the temple is Mother Gnanavalli , the shrine is in the outer corridor (prakara) left to the presiding deity Saraparameswarar. Lord Shiva teaches righteous path to all beings and Mother Gnanavalli assists Him in this graceful.
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