Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pavala vanna perumal koil Kanchipuram-A divya desam

Kanchipuram is an ancient town with such a great past.It has about 15 Divya desams of the total 108 Vishnu temples so designated.Kanchi is called Mokshapuri where salvation is guaranteed.On 7/6/15 I had an occasion to visit a few of them..Pavazha vanna perumal koil is the temple where Lord Vishnu gave darshan as a Coral hued lord on the request of Sri Bhrigu maharishi.It is Divyadesam No.43 of the 108

The Pachai vanna perumal temple opposite to this temple is a sister temple but not a Divya desam as it has not been sung about by the Alwars

How to Reach:

From the Chennai Bangalore Highway as you enter Kanchi cross the Railway station and on the right you will see the Pachaivanna perumal temple. Take a left turn into the road opposite and in 500 mtrs you will reach this templeIMG_0001IMG_0002

Temple tank in front


Legends of the temple:

The temple Lord is known as Paramapadanathan and Pavazhavanna perumal the Coral coloured Lord.He has given darshan to to Bhrigu muni, the Ashwini twins, Parvathy in answer to their prayers below is a pic from the temple itselfIMG_0006

As you enter you see the main Sannidhi in front housing the sitting lord. IMG_0013

The complex on the left has the west facing Pavazhavalli Nachiar sannidhi. The sannidhi was crowded a there was a wedding being held there. There were nice sculptures in the pillars of the hallIMG_0007IMG_0008

View of the temple IMG_0009IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0012

Thirumangai alwar mangalashaasanam 1

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