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Sri Shaniswarar Temple–Kalpattu near Vizhupuram

I had to attend a medical camp at Neyveli on 17 Dec 2017 it was 2 days before the Sani peyarchi and I knew that the shani temple in Thirunallar would be crowded. I then came to know there is another Shaniswarar temple near Vizhupuram in the village Kalpattu hence I decided to visit this place

How to Reach:

Kalpattu is a sleepy village on the Vizhupuram Tirukoilur road via Mambalapattu.There is no access from the NH 45 hence I entered Vizhupuram town and next to the bus stand took a turn into theTirukoilur road  popularly referred to as Mambalapattu road in about 15 kms I reached Mambalapattu and saw the temple board20171217_093039

A turn to the left here and a couple of Km later we arrived in front of the temple


This is a prayer centre. The temple was built by a swamiji  His Holiness Brahammananda Swamigal. The temple is about 500 years old but it was all modern construction

. The Pranava Ganapathi at the entrance was found from a tank here believed to have been worshipped by Desingu Raja. It was obtained while renovating a pond nearby.


The temple is still under construction below is the prayer hall in front of the shani vigraham


notice about cost of puja etc


The majestic 21 feet Shanishwara with his right foot resting on the crow his vahanam


The gentleman in the fore front is the present head of the ashram and he shooed me for coming into the inner chamber but I was not aware it was a restricted area

.Ravana had held all the devas captive during the birth of Inderjit his son as he did not want any malefic eye of the navagrahas to fall on the child but shani somehow cast his eye and thus in anger Ravana broke Shani’s right leg which resulted in a deformity and so it takes him a slow 7 1/2 years to go around the sun

The Main temple building houses gigantic vigrahas

11 feet tall Panchmukha Easwarar (Bhuvaneswarar)20171217_09443320171217_094452

, Gopalakrishnan


18 feet tall Ashta dasa bhuja Durga


8 feet tall Dandayuthapani20171217_094524

The temple is in a small hamlet and the local folk were getting ready to handle the crowd  for the Saturn transition in the next few days .

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