Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nagai mugai ambal sametha Kandhazheeswarar temple

This temple on the foot hills of the Kunrathur temple is truly enchanting. It was built by Kulathungachola II with generous modifications by Chera and Pandya kings as per inscriptions found here. The temple is opposite the residence of sekkhizhiar the Chola prime minister and author of the periapuranam fame who it seems sat here and composed many poems of the peria puranam here.(The dilapidated house can still be seen)
The temple is unique that the main entrance leads to Ambal sannidhi( seen in the back ground here) unlike in other siva  temple and the ambal is facing south.
The kumbabishekam was done about 40 days ago and there was a special puja yesterday with a 1000 sanghu abhishekams and homams  the ambal was decked with sandal paste and was truly enchanting
Legend: The Sivalingam here was prayed to by Subramania on his travels and hence he is called Kandhazheeswarar.The other reasons for the names are
In pure tamil Kandhu stands for tree. The story is there used to be  a very
ancient tree right at the spot where the Linga is today. People used
to worship the tree as it was considered very auspicious. Once the
tree withered away they constructed a temple at the same place and
hence the name Kanhdaeshwar.

Also in tamil Kandhe stands for evil. Kandhaeshwar is the destroyer of all evil
Another meaning for kandhu is infinity. Since the linga in pure form
is a beam of light with no beginning and end, Surya worshiped Lord
Shiva in this place and hence the name Kandhaeshwar. There is a
separate worship place for Suriya in this temple.

All these different interpretations are found in different puranas.
But according to periya puranam the last one is the correct
interpretation of the Lord's name.
As you enter the main gate you see sannidhis for Vinayaka and murugan on your left24042011280
As you enter the main temple you can see the goddess Nagai Mugai amman(Smiling face) sannidhi  which is truly enchanting. Equally enchanting is the huge sivalingam bedecked with flowers in the main sannidhi.
The Gajaprushti vimanam signifies early chola influence and a swayumbhu lingam .Next to the main sannidhi are the utsava Moorthies of Muruga and valli devasena. 24042011281
The outer courtyard has been neatly paved with tiles and it was very peaceful.
( A panel depicting Kannappa nayanar fresco found during the renovation)
Navagraha sannidhi seen on the lotus
A view of the dwajastambham and balipeedam seen in the western courtyard
we had a lovely morning experience. unfortunately the perumal koil next door was locked so we could not see it as it was being renovated.. The next stop was the Vada Naageshwaram an 800 year old temple built by the chola prime minister!

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